While closure challenges for businesses have become nothing new, some business owners have had no choice but to find inventive ways to keep their business afloat. Andy Dinner from Your Neighbourhood Barbershop in Toronto decided to start offering his services outdoors in order to keep clients satisfied with fresh cuts and to keep his doors open for when the pandemic ends. 

These are the kinds of examples of how entrepreneurs need to stay on their toes when any sort of crisis hits. Many companies have gone bankrupt and had to close decade-long businesses due to the strict rules set on hair salons and barbershops.

Now with the closure rules opening up and the majority of countries being vaccinated, we can finally hope that these will be a thing of the past and start focusing on the future!

Plannie hopes to offer businesses a set of helping hands while companies are reopening and finding the flow of things again. With Plannie you can depend on an effective scheduling platform for your clients to access at all times and book whenever fits their schedule and yours. Text reminders will also confirm appointments with clients in order to avoid no-shows.

You can finally sit back and watch your schedule fill up again like pre-pandemic times!