Being personable with clients is a well-known marketing strategy for keeping clients happy and willing to return. In the age of technology, it has become essential in this fast-paced world we live in to provide customers with exceptional customer service and, more importantly, a personalized connection. These are the building blocks of creating a solid and long-lasting bond between you and your clients. 

There are simple ways to help make your clients feel as if they are being prioritized that you can start implying to your business strategy today. One easy thing to begin doing that will result in recognition of your efforts is connecting with the customers via text to remind them of upcoming appointments. By doing this, you are building and solidifying a personal connection with the customer, which, in return, improves their loyalty to you and your business. 

With Plannie, clients will receive personalized text messages to remind them of upcoming appointments. This provides the customer with a reliable and assured sense of contact with the business due to this extra feature and a reason to keep going back. 

Another feature that Plannie provides is monitoring scheduling patterns and notifying you when your client deviates from a booking pattern. For instance, if they usually book for the last Thursday of every month and for some reason they don’t book this month, then you will be alerted, and you can take matters into your own hands. If, for instance, they forgot to book, you could reach out and see if they still prefer their usual appointment time, which would give the client a sense of priority treatment. In another instance, the client might have decided to try going somewhere else. Still, your efforts of tracking their appointment history may just be enough to refrain them from using another business over yours. 

Plannie offers the ability to know when a client has been on your scheduling calendar without booking an appointment. This gives you the advantage of reaching out and suggesting a time to schedule or simply connect with them regarding booking. It shows that their business is essential to you, and you are willing to take the initiative to schedule them in. 

All of these personable features are offered with Plannie and provide your business with an efficient and effective way to provide customer service that sparks a long-lasting relationship with your clients!