Time is money, as the saying goes. Especially in the business world, every minute you spend on something is costing you. How can Plannie help you as a business owner, with time management? Let’s start with a few basic things that you can start doing today to be better organized with your time. 

For starters, having a schedule is a preliminary way to be more efficient with time management. Plannie offers a scheduling app that can be accessed by business owners and clients alike for booking appointments and for business owners to manage the time allotted to appointment booking. This can help you as a business owner to have an organized calendar of past and upcoming appointments. Not only will it help by showing your designated time to clients but it will create a sense of organization for you in your day-to-day calendar.

Another way for business owners to improve their time management is by delegating tasks. Plannie can be used as a platform for delegating the task of scheduling appointments and being in contact with clients to remind them of upcoming appointments or reminding them to book when they forget to schedule for a routine session. This alone can save you a great deal of time because you won’t have to worry about answering calls or text messages about scheduling an appointment and you won’t have to bother with calling to remind clients of upcoming appointments. Plannie does all of that for you which provides you with the extra time to focus on improving your business and being focused on establishing strong and valuable client relationships. 

Lastly, one of the most common pieces of advice from business owners in 2021 on time management is to automate whenever you can. What does automate mean? With technology being more advanced than ever, being a business owner is easier than ever! Plannie is a

straightforward and essential way to streamline workflow and make things effortless in the day-to-day. We help automate customer scheduling and communication needed so you don’t spend time with your clients being distracted by your phone. With a scheduling app like Plannie, you can free up your evenings and weekends with peace of mind knowing that your clients will still be able to book appointments and cancel appointments on their own time. 

With better time management you will be able to use your time to help grow your business with more focus spent on marketing, strategizing, and even time for a vacation. So, start prioritizing your time and get on Plannie today and see how much free time you’ll accumulate for other things.