Plannie business tools settings can be leveraged to optimize and automate your business flow for maximum productivity when used to its full potential. By understanding the business settings fully, you can use them to your advantage by enhancing features on your page and providing your clients with a hassle-free and simple process when booking, canceling or simply requesting to go on a wait list. 

Let’s go through some of the settings that you can and should be using to their full potential!

Arrange Time is used to prevent last-minute bookings that don’t provide you with enough time to prepare for. This setting defines a buffer time frame in which clients cannot book prior to the available time slot. For instance, allowing a 45 minutes buffer would allow you with an adequate amount of time to fully prepare and avoid a drop-in appointment.

Event Comment allows you to essentially request or even require additional data from your clients upon booking appointments. 

Client Cancelation allows clients an allotted time slot for cancelations to prevent last-minute cancelations, so you have the opportunity to fill your calendar when cancelations happen.

Waiting List provides clients with a way to subscribe to a waitlist on a specified day and be notified if time becomes available due to another client’s cancelation or a new time availability opening up.

Auto Reopen setting will automatically reopen cancelled appointment times and set time slots to ‘available’.

Auto Confirmation / Waiting Approval allows you to decide whether appointment booking is dependent on your approval or not. 

By narrowing in to these settings and applying specified adaptations that run parallel with your business, you can provide yourself with ease in booking clients. Not only will you find yourself benefiting from these settings, but your clients will find satisfaction in the booking and cancellation process!