With businesses being required to have a solid online presence, having a recognizable brand is essential in building a thriving business in today’s day and age.

Why is brand identity so important? 

Firstly, having a specific and recognizable brand identity provides your business with a familiar personality that customers recognize and know what to expect. This can help set your brand’s tone and carry or promote your overall business motto or message. By being consistent and firm with your brand identity, you will provide your customers with a recognizable brand that provides them with comfort and peace of mind in being returning customers. This creates customer loyalty as customers prefer to be associated with a brand they are familiar with and therefore trust.

Another reason why brand identity is so important is that it differentiates you from other businesses. Your clients will recognize your brand over other competitors because of the consistency in your logo, materials, color schemes, design elements, and branding, which will encourage them to choose you over competitors.  

With Plannie, you can incorporate the familiarity of your brand on your page for scheduling so your clients will feel a sense of ease when booking future appointments. In addition, you can integrate your logo, company colors, and even branding images in a carousel image. This allows clients the ability to recognize your brand across all platforms and make your company memorable to current clients and potential clients. 

Plannie also allows you the option to add personalized text to reminder text messages and bulk messages to clients. This makes things feel more personable when customers receive messages that they recognize the branding voice in! 

And with our next update launch, we will be providing the ability to personalize bulk emails and send out ‘Happy Birthday’ messages from business to client. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start integrating your brand identity into Plannie today. Try it for free for 30-days or first 100 text messages!